Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bhavana Hot Photos

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Bhavana Hot News

Bhavana is a popular actress in malayalam and tamil. Bhavana has good talent of acting there fore she received two kerala state awards. Her first film was Nammal released on 2002 . Bhavana received lot of fans after this film

Top 10 perfumes of 2010

You want to find the top 10 fragrances for women in 2010? Discover the information you need, and find the best perfume, either alone or as a gift for someone special. Do not buy perfume that you read this.

With so many different flavors out there, finding the best it can be difficult. I'm trying to be neutral, will make a difference, and everyone likes something different. But even with that many people would agree that each of the top 10 fragrances for women in 2010, is very good. Jump Rope

As the number 1 is the pleasant smell of Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker, as we are at number 1

We have seen many celebrities with fragrances, and are often OK, OK, do not forget the point, but it is a perfume that has a pleasant aroma. It is a fragrance that is both sexy, sassy, sensual, beautiful woman is a fragrance with notes of fresh mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, orchid martini and a good combination.

If you are looking for flirty, feminine scent of a woman in an incredibly elegant bottle, Belle is an excellent choice. Price wise it is fantastic and such a low price, it is surprising that such high quality you. Great day perfume.

we have, including Armani Code Pour Femme. This is the best selling flavor and is slightly more expensive than beautiful. It is a fragrance that is sure to leave a lasting impression on users. He has a good bottle and the smell has notes of interesting ingredients such as orange, ginger, sandalwood, and even honey! It's really sexy and sophisticated fragrance, perfect for mom or sister.

They say that diamonds are forever, and they really are! # 3 orient ourselves for Armani Diamonds. It's really sensual and seductive fragrance. If you're charming, you!

Calvin Klein Euphoria post. It is the scent that makes all the difference and is truly luxurious and incredibly versatile fragrances.

we have the popular Calvin Klein Eternity. This is a sweet, what is best for mature women. Try this amazing combination of high, wild flowers and delicious fruit.

Diesel Fuel For Life is the number 6 position. This is a good bottle and is also a very nice fragrance. A nice Christmas gift for a woman in her 20th year.

Vera Wang Flower Princess holds position # 7. It is a beautiful pink bottle heart shaped, and closely resembles a wardrobe. It is sweet and fruity floral fragrance.

Perfume She is 8 and the smell of last Yves Saint Laurent 'Elle' Ladies. If you have a best friend, the smell is to get them.

At 9 we Opium perfume, and even then it does Yves Saint Laurent. It is a bestseller. There since 1977 and have a good position when it was released. Although it's always a good position.

Kenzo Parfums 10 hits and is a major component of the Japanese. Provides a strong smell of cleanliness that you remember. He is a versatile winner.

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